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Killeen Fence and Deck Company

We are a local-oriented fence and deck company in Killeen, but we expand beyond our home base to serve communities throughout the area. We have the answer you are seeking when it comes to your next fence or deck improvement project.
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Top Fencing Company in Killeen

Our goal has always been to provide affordable services for all our projects so that we are the top fencing company in Killeen for commercial and residential projects. Killeen Fence and Deck has worked to deliver a “small town” feel for our company to counteract larger companies operating in the area. Each member of our team prides themselves on continuing to develop and add to their experience, skill, and commitment to delivering the best quality fencing and decking at unmatched prices.

Our customers appreciate that we listen to their concerns and goals in an effort to personalize all work that we complete. Every job is a new adventure for us and we’ve built a portfolio of customized work after years of helping customers get what they want. This dedication to our customers keeps them coming back and they also tell others about what we’ve done for them. We work on small jobs around your yard to huge decks for businesses to a boutique pergola for all your entertaining.

Killeen Fence and Deck works with local customers as well as those as far away as Waco and Austin. Call us and we can get started on your project!

Local Fencing Company in Killeen

Customers face an open market when trying to find a reliable local fencing company in Killeen. Killeen Fence and Deck stands out as the premiere choice for exceptional customer service and reliability. Our team understands the importance of fencing and decking for our commercial and residential customers.

We provide a full range of services for the local and area markets. Our skilled crews have the experience and dedication to their craft that can deliver top-quality fences, decks, and pergolas. We also can provide extra services like installing or adding gates, painting, or staining to add life to your project.

We are proud that our customers return to us for additional work year after year and that they readily share the quality of work we provide. The team at Killeen Fence and Deck delivers quality work on all jobs and handles all operations with a high level of integrity. We listen to customers’ goals and creative ideas on all projects and work quickly and efficiently while maintaining costs. Our pricing matches or beats even larger companies and we work toward customer satisfaction at all stages of an improvement project.

Killeen Fence and Deck will provide a detailed estimate of all work so you can be confident we will deliver the customized fencing or decking you desire.

What We Do?

Fence Repair

There will always be a time when you need quality fence repair and our team can identify the issues and return your fence to working order.

Fence Installation

Installing a new fence can be a time-consuming chore for property owners and our team can take away the stress while completing your new fence installation.

Fence Replacement

Fencing wears out over time and fence replacement is one of our specialties. We can help you decide on the best type of fencing to fit your business or home.

Deck Repair

Decks get a lot of use and sometimes they need a helping hand to restore them to a point where you can enjoy your outdoor improvement to its fullest.

Deck Installation

Designing a creative deck can be complicated but our team of skilled professionals can help you complete a new deck installation quickly and affordably.

Deck Replacement

Sometimes it’s time to take out the old and put in the full new deck replacement. Let us show you how we can meet your budget and get you a new deck.

Why we are the best fencing company

We have worked hard for years at Killeen Fence and Deck to offer affordable prices, creative personalized designs, and high-end customer service. This is what makes us proud to be the best fencing company serving customers in our local and surrounding communities.

When it’s time for repairs, replacement, or installation of decking and fencing, our customers know we can deliver the best quality work. Our team of skilled craftsmen can build repair or build your deck, fence, gate, or pergola.

There’s no need to go searching among the companies operating from the back of a pickup or dealing with the large operators with over-priced services. We have a team of professionals in place with the years of experience and training to build the best quality work in the market.

Killeen Fence and Deck will work with you personally to maintain your budget while delivering a high-quality, creative decking and fencing product that you will be proud of for years to come.

Get Started Now

We can get you started, and we are dedicated to delivering the personalized your deck or fencing improvement project you’ve been wanting for your business or home. Call us to learn how we provide quality fencing, customized decking, and functionally creative pergolas.

Contact Us

Killeen Fence and Deck has the years of experience and the skilled team members to build the affordable fencing, decking, or pergola that you’ve been wanting. Call or email us today so we can set a time to assess your needs and deliver the improvement project you want.


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