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Quality Deck Repair in Killeen

Your deck can be a gathering point for fun and personal relaxation, but a deck that needs repair can put a damper on outdoor recreation plans with friends, family, or even business.

When it comes to quality deck repair in Killeen, our team of professionals at Killeen Fence and Deck can get your deck back into full entertainment shape. We are proud of the fact that we have developed into the best deck repair company in the market. We understand the frustration of discovering that your deck is rotting, or has a broken support post, or some of the deck boards are warped or splintering. None of these conditions makes for an attractive or safe deck.

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Deck repairs can suddenly appear after years of successful use. We understand that our customers want repairs finished quickly and completely. If issues are not addressed, they will likely only continue to cause more problems and possibly more expensive repairs. A damaged deck just isn’t an inviting place, and we can help you with the repairs you need. One of the best ways to get your deck back into shape is to make needed repairs and then stain the deck while starting a regular maintenance plan that includes cleaning the deck.

Proper maintenance and repairs can extend the life of your deck. We offer complete deck services:

  • Major and minor repairs
  • Staining and power washing
  • Deck board and post repairs
  • Railing repairs
  • Adding more features or steps

Taking care of immediate repairs and starting a maintenance plan can save money on future issues and limit down time for using your deck. Our team can assess any repair needs and make recommendations for the best repairs. We work with customers based on budget and we always provide competitive pricing. Our goal is to help you get your deck repaired as affordably as possible.

Professional Deck Repair Company

When you select our reliable deck services, we can complete the repairs you need to return your deck to an attractive and durable feature for your business or home. Our experienced deck builders are dedicated to helping your deck stand up to time and the Texas weather. As a professional deck repair company our focus is on quality work where we work with customers to customize all aspects of the deck from material selection, to design such as varying steps and attractive railing. We can also apply the finishing stain or decorative materials that help your deck last for years.

Repairing and maintaining your deck will certainly improve the “curb appeal” of your property and may add to its overall value. Our talented and skilled specialists can repair your deck so you can enjoy it, even impressing your guests. We’ve developed our company as a highly reliable, trusted deck repair business that supports the community. Our goal on each job is to provide top-notch service and quality craftsmanship in ever aspect of our work. We respect the time and budget of our customers, and we work to maintain both through the entire project.

Deck repairs can be frustrating and time consuming for anyone who tries to tack the job on their own. Our customers have found that letting us take care of the work is the more affordable option that eliminates the stress of tackling such an improvement project. Killeen Fence and Deck can deliver the high-quality custom decking that you want. We can even take your old deck and transform it into a relaxing outdoor living area. Let us work with you to complete all repairs and add some extras to improve your deck even more.

You deserve to enjoy your property, so let us get to work competing all your deck repairs. Killeen Fence and Deck is your resource for all deck repair services.


Quality deck repairs are at the core of every project for all our crew members. Our dedication and integrity on all jobs are appreciated by our customers


We are a budget-wise company that listens to customers to provide an up-front and detailed estimate of deck repair work. Competitive pricing sets apart in the marketplace as the affordable option for our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

We deliver all deck work as promised and with a commitment to providing customer satisfaction throughout the deck repair process. We want to make sure all work is complete and our clients a satisfied before we leave the job site.

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Killeen Fence and Deck has the years of experience and the skilled team members to build the affordable decking that you’ve been wanting. Call or email us today so we can set a time to assess your deck repair, replacement, or installation needs and deliver the improvement project you want.


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