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Fence Installation in Killeen

Businesses and homeowners seeking affordable, quality fence installation in Killeen should contact us at Killeen Fence and Deck. We serve the local community and surrounding areas with fence installation service that gives you confidence that your fence will look good and last a long time as a protective barrier.

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Our services provide a low-maintenance, reliable fence of your choice of materials. Our team of skilled professionals wants to provide you with a durable and versatile system that fits your needs from design to construction to functionality. Your fence should stand up to the Texas weather while looking good for years, if not decades. We can custom design any layout you require using a variety of affordable and attractive fencing materials. Style, painting, and coating are all options we can work with to meet your needs.

As a top fence installation company, Killeen Fence and Deck can help you customize your project and deliver a unique fence to fit your property’s architecture and landscaping. A good fence provides security while providing a look that complements your business or home. We can provide a full assessment of your needs along with a detailed estimate of all work. Our team understands the need to stay within a fence installation budget and delivering a final product in a timely manner.

Our ultimate goal is to install a functional yet elegant fence on your property. We maintain a team of professionals with years of experience in the fencing business who work to make sure you are satisfied with all work. Customers are thankful we work to maximize the affordability of all our fencing products. We can work with any budget you have in mind from a temporary chain link fence project to a long-lasting, decorative wood fencing solution. Our team works with projects large and small.

Best Fence Installation Company

For businesses and homeowners who need a new fence installed on their property, it’s time to turn to the trusted local company in Killeen Fence and Deck. Our team of skilled fence installers can handle the work thanks to years of experience and proven skills. We can help you with designing the quality fence for your business or home. A well-built fence helps keep property safe and precious things such as pets and children close at hand in your yard.

When you’re seeking the best fence installation company in Killeen and the surrounding area, we can deliver the quality workmanship and materials to build the fence you want. We pride ourselves as a professional fencing contractor that can get the job done.

We understand that many property owners may consider building their own fence, but doesn’t it make sense to spend your time and investment on professionals who are equipped to handle the work in a timely manner? Property owners may try to install a fence every decade or so while we build quality fencing every week. The work can get complicated from digging through unexpected rocky soil to leveling an oddly descending landscape to properly securing fence materials and posts.

The Killeen Fence and Deck team is skilled and equipped with the best tools to install all types of fencing within any landscaping situation. We hold an advantage over other fence installation companies because of the many jobs we’ve completed and the customer satisfaction we deliver.

We strive every day on every job to go beyond expectations for delivering your fencing needs. As a top-quality fencing company, we understand you care about the quality of your fencing, the fencing services we provide, and the long-term value of fencing for your property. Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering the high-quality fence installation you want while offering friendly, efficient, and timely customer service. Our top-tier fence work is what our customers expect, and the go-getter team at Killeen Fence and Deck can deliver all you’re looking for in a fence company.


Quality fence installation is at the core of every project for all our crew members. Our dedication and integrity on all jobs are appreciated by our customers.


We are a budget-wise company that listens to customers to provide an up-front and detailed estimate of all work. Competitive fence installation pricing sets apart in the marketplace as the affordable option for our clients.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We deliver all work as promised and with a commitment to providing customer satisfaction throughout the fence installation process. We want to make sure all work is complete and our clients a satisfied before we leave the job site.

Contact Us

Killeen Fence and Deck has the years of experience and the skilled team members to build the affordable fencing that you’ve been wanting. Call or email us today so we can set a time to assess your needs and deliver the improvement project you want.


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