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Fence Repair in Killeen

If you’re having problems with your fence, you can turn to Killeen Fence and Deck as your trusted fence repair solution. Every fence faces issues over time due to age, cold, sunshine, rain, rust, and wind. Throw in the occasional Texas hailstorm and a fence can fail in its use as a barrier or property accent. Our team of professional craftsmen can provide all services needed to repair your metal, rock, brick, or wood fence.

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Our goal is to quickly return your fence to working order. We provide a complete assessment of any issues and a detailed estimate of all work required to repair your fence. A fence has more parts to it than a few boards, bars, or rocks. We use our years of knowledge and experience to identify problems and complete all repairs without delay. Whether it’s a broken gate latch, loose support posts, missing boards or bars, or rusty nails that are failing we will focus on completing the repairs to avoid replacing the entire fence.

Killen Fence and Deck is the #1 Killeen fence company and we’ve been serving the local community for many years while maintaining an exceptional customer service reputation. Customers trust our excellent workmanship all our team members guarantee to deliver their best work possible.

Other companies may deliver less than promised while our many completed jobs show we only use the best material available for your commercial or residential fence repair. We want to make sure our work lasts so you will call us the next time we’re needed! Our list of repeat customers is a testimony of the quality of work we provide.

Killeen Fence and Deck can deliver a variety of repairs, including basic repairs, knocked out pickets, chainlink with tears or holes, bent or broken poles, emergency or storm repairs. Whatever the need we can step in and get your fence repaired.

Best Fence Repair Company

Consumers can face a frustrating situation when trying to find the best fence repair company. Needed repairs are often a single solution, i.e. repair a gate latch that doesn’t work, replace a couple of pickets, or support a leaning panel. Not all repairs require a complete fence replacement. Some fence companies may charge a minimum service fee or not accept small jobs. Killeen Fence and Deck can replace a broken gate latch or replace the gate, and we can install a new fence if necessary. We take on jobs of all sizes so we can help our customers.

Some companies work with a only a select type of material while our experienced and knowledgeable crew members can help with wood, metal, or rock/brick fencing. We can help design custom features and work with specialty materials that fit the architecture and landscaping of your business or home. We understand the importance of fencing for your safety and value of your property and we work to complete all repairs quickly.

In all our fence repairs, our goal is to make sure we meet the needs of our customers. A broken fence can be an ongoing frustration. We know how nice it is when that frustrating latch is fixed, or the missing pickets are replaced so your fence looks whole again. There’s also added frustration if you’re receiving nuisance letters from a homeowners’ association or the local municipality. Killeen Fence and Deck will help you get all repairs completed in a timely manner and relieve the stress and frustration of a broken fence.

Isn’t it time to get your fence repaired? Call us today.


Quality fence repairs are at the core of every project for all our crew members. Our dedication and integrity on all jobs are appreciated by our customers.


We are a budget-wise company that listens to customers to provide an up-front and detailed estimate of all work. Competitive pricing sets apart in the marketplace as the affordable option for our clients.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We deliver all work as promised and with a commitment to providing customer satisfaction throughout the fence repair process. We want to make sure all work is complete and our clients a satisfied before we leave the job site.

Feature 1

Quality fence repair from Killeen Fence and Deck helps businesses and homeowners regain the beauty of their property with affordable repairs. We have the years of experience and the high level of skill required to complete all repairs as needed.

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We specialize in fence repairs that display our passion to complete work that is personalized to your specifications. For years we have excelled at repairing fences so your property looks and “feels” newer.

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When you decide to repair a fence, we can return it to its proper level of security and beauty as it stands up to threats and the Texas weather. We have repaired fences on properties from Killeen to Waco to Austin and communities in between.

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Killeen Fence and Deck has the years of experience and the skilled team members to build the affordable fencing that you’ve been wanting. Call or email us today so we can set a time to assess your needs and deliver the improvement project you want.


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